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Vertical Type Paper Corrugation Machine

Vertical Type Paper Corrugation Machine

We originate our quality Friends Vertical Type Paper Corrugation Machine, the Traditional Machines which are being used since 1950’s. The Purpose of Corrugation machine is to first convert the flat Kraft Paper Roll to the Corrugation Flutes (Waves like Structure) with the help of Flute- pressure Roll and Heater. Heavy design, easy to operate and maintain, the machine is equipped with The Rollers, positioned one above the other. The Production in Vertical type Paper Corrugation Machine is lowest compared with any other model of corrugation machine. The Vertical Type Paper Corrugation Machine is equipped with option for both manual and self loading reel stand. The Machine also paste fluted corrugating medium to another flat guises of liner board/ Kraft Paper Roll. Machine is equipped with a Reel Stand which holds Two Kraft Paper Rolls and the Affair of Two Bias is rewind on Front Roll Stand.


  • Advanced single facer corrugating machinery
  • hardened construction
  • Motorized load roll stand
  • feed bus are handed to upper corrugating rolls for adaptation of pressure at any opted setting
  • One side hand wheel with worm for the conformation of the pressure roll
  • Pre-heater for liner paper and pre-conditioner for fluted media paper
  • Gap between adhesive applicator comber and croakier comber is controlled manually
  • With primer dividing adhesive device
  • Drive roll drive from gear box
  • Design speed 100 mt/ nanosecond
  • Adjustment of upper corrugating comber and pressure of pressure comber and adhesive comber is controlled by curvaceous systems
  • Technical Specification

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