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Box Making Machine

Box Making Machine

Globalization, Industrialization and International Demand and supply chain have resulted in Creating the Demand and Supply of goods from as tiny as Needle to huge Machines. Everything being Transported from one corner of the world to another.  With the Long distance, the problem of safety of Products also arises as the products have to be transported by various mediums such as sea, Air and land. To prevent the problem of Damage of the products, Packaging play a Crucial Role and the most common way of Packaging is Box Packaging.

Box Making Machines are the set of Machines used to Manufacture Boxes. Based on Size and Requirements, Box Making Machine can be classified into various Categories. To Simplify the Understanding, we have tried our best to Differentiate box Making Machine on the basis of Types of Boxes.

There are Two Kinds of Boxed Used in the Packaging Industry.

1. Duplex Boxes : 

Boxes made of Duplex Sheets / Food Grade Sheets area unit known as as Duplex Boxes. These Sheets area unit readily accessible in the Market. Coated duplex cardboard are durable and thin, more water resistant, usually accustomed create boxes for a range of little merchandise that need high-quality print ability like Agar-batti boxes, Pharmaceutical packaging, Sweet Boxes, Cake Boxes and varied packaging product.

2. Corrugated Boxes :

Corrugated Boxes also known as Packaging / Carton Boxes. These are made from Kraft Paper (Brown Paper). Boxes used in Packaging Industry for the products such as Fruits, Vegetables, Eggs, Beverages, Electronics, FMCG, etc.


Process in Duplex Box Making:

  • Printing Process
  • Lamination Process
  • Sheeting Process
  • Punching Creasing Cutting Process

Machine Involved in Duplex Box Making :

Offset / Digital Printing Machine: An Offset /Digital Printing Machine are used to print on the Surface or Glossy White Side of the Duplex Sheets. This is the first and Foremost Process involves during Manufacturing of Duplex Boxes. If you are starting a new business, Instead of Purchasing an Offset / Digital Machine, you can get the sheets printed through outsourced job work printers / Offset Printers.

This Machine is only suggested to the existing Box Manufacturers, who are having bulk order requirements due to numbers of Factors such as high Maintenance Cost, Bulk Production Capacity. It will act as a burden on any New Startup.

Window Cum Plain Lamination Machine: This is special Industrial Lamination Machine used for Lamination on the Printed Sheets. This is done to ensure the Dust doesn’t damage the printing on the sheet. It also increases the durability of the Sheet. Lamination is the process through which a sheet or roll is inserted one by one into a conveyer type Input bed of the Machine. A Transparent or Printed Lamination Film roll is fixed by operator on the Lamination Roll present in the Machine.  With the help of Gears and Motor, the Gum Rolls apply layer of Adhesive Solution on sheet and after which the Lamination film Roll is Stretched pressed against it to produce a laminated Output. Ideal Machine: Window cum Plain Lamination Model 36 / 32/ 26.

Lamination Roll to Sheet Separator Machine: This is an Additional Attachable Machine used to Re-separate the Lamination Machine Output into Sheets. Machine is Equipped with Special Sensor System program, which automatically Detects the gap intentionally kept by the operator between two sheets at the time of Lamination and separates it into sheet. This Machine can be Attached with Lamination Machine to Produce the sheets immediately with the Help of Variable speed Drive specially added to help to synchronize the speed with Lamination Machine as well as this Machine can be used to work Independently.  Ideal Machine: Lamination Sheet Separator Model 36 / 32/ 26.

Platen Punching Die Cutting Creasing Embossing Machine: A must have Machine to be a successful box manufacturer. This Machine performs cutting, creasing, embossing and Punching on the duplex sheet converting the Raw Printed Sheet into Box like Structure. These machines are available in Variety of Sizes as per the Availability of Standard Duplex sheet sizes.  A wooden Die with fixed Blades resembling Cutting and Creasing Pattern is required to be fixed on the chase side of platen bed. On the opposite Platen bed side, the operator replaces the sheet one by another after every impression Punch.  Ideal Suggested Size: Friends 43, Friends 40 or Friends 35

Process in Carton Box Manufacturing:

  • Conversion of Kraft Paper Roll to Corrugated Sheet Board.
  • Conversion of Corrugated Sheet Board to Corrugation Box.

 Machine Involved in Corrugated Box Manufacturing :

Corrugation Machine (Vertical Type / Oblique Type / Double Profile / Finger-less Variant): The Purpose of Corrugation machine is to first convert the flat Kraft Paper Roll to the Corrugation Flutes (Waves like Structure) with the help of Flute- pressure Roll and Heater. The Machine also pasted fluted corrugating medium to another flat guises of linerboard/ Kraft Paper Roll. Machine is equipped with a Reel Stand which holds Two Kraft Paper Rolls and the Affair of Two Bias is rewind on Front Roll Stand.

Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine (Manual / P.I.V. Gear) : The basic Purpose of this Machine is to Cut the Kraft paper Flat roll or Corrugated Two Ply into Sheets. The impeccably constructed & designed to boom manufacturing and exquisite cutting of corrugated board without damaging the flutes of the board further to straightforward paper. As a exquisite choice to hand Operated Board reducing machine. it's feasible to use the device as an independent unit or it could also be attached with the corrugating contrivance. If needed P.I.V gear area is handed to make sure correct slicing of the distance as in line with required period and clean to alter and perform. delivery Conveyor Stand is furnished to save the Wastes. This tool is designed for inordinate product and incontinent lowering of wastes or ply corrugated board with out damaging flutes & liner paper. frequently, this Machine is used as an independent unit for direct and correct distance cutting.

Sheet Pasting Machine : The machine is solely designed and manufactured for the pasting of corrugated sheets of different ply. easy in layout, strong in product, smooth to perform and is confident of ideal operating at some point of non-stop operation. The rolls of the machine are fluently completed to make sure indeed affect on the boards after lamination.The device is used for applying cement at the tip of the corrugated bottom and pasting corrugated sheets of varied ply and density. This machine is understood for its robust product and capability continuously perambulating at indeed inordinate speeds. This Machine is used for Pasting Different Layers / Ply of Kraft sheets into a thick Single Sheet.

Sheet Fed Flexo Printing Machine: The Printing Machine is used to Print the brand name or any other graphics on the surface of Corrugated sheet.Flexo publishing Machine used for printing on simple Kraft paper Publish thru snap Polymer Stereos Registration for correct Printing applicable for short Publish Run Hand Brake to release the Eccentric pressure controlled transfer of Essay. available in option of single color unit, Double achromatic Unit and Tripple color unit.

Platen Punching Die Cutting Creasing Embossing Machine : A must have Machine to be a successful box manufacturer. This Machine performs cutting, creasing, embossing and Punching on the Corrugated sheet converting it into Box like Structure. These machines are available in Variety of Sizes as per the Industrial Requirements.  A wooden Die with fixed Blades resembling Cutting and Creasing Pattern is required to be fixed on the chase side of platen bed. On the opposite Platen bed side, the operator replaces the sheet one by another after every impression Punch.  Ideal Suggested Size: Friends 46, Friends 57, Friends 68 or Friends 76

Four Bar Rotary Cutting Creasing Machine Combined with Eccentric Slotter Machine.: This machine is every other donation to the packaging enterprise for trouncing and furrowing the corrugated board coincidentally. The system is easy to operate & sturdy in product. smooth placing is supplied for conforming, furrowing & slicing heads in this machine. Degree is supplied for accurate slicing & creasing of wastes. The contrivance has strong product and incorporates canted amalgamation sword shanks for smooth reducing. The rate is 300 toes. According to nanosecond and the minimal distance among dies is three inches. The Eccentric Slotter machine is handed with 4 slotting knives. The dies are hooked up on an eccentric shaft which causes them to move in an bow in order that the board is slotted in a shearing way. The dies can be moved and niche depth acclimated fluently. simple in design, strong in product, smooth to perform and is assured of faultless operating for the duration of nonstop operation. This device is used to punch out places and sewing edge in the corrugated wastes. This operated by hand system is suitable to slotting wide variety of wastes at a time.

Rotary Slotter RS4 Multi Purpose Machine : The RS4 machine adopts die- cutting style to replace the traditional slotting style. This new and synthetically outfit can finish bus slotting corner-slicing, line- rolling paper dividing at one. it adopts exported cambered aphorism-tooth cutter making bones- cutting face smooth and without burr.The gap between the bumper roll and the cutter mould roll is acclimated by hand curvaceous conforming the soft roll to go up and down. The bumper roll adopts mechanical cam path longitudinal moving (40 mm)structure.The whole machine adopts Rodham coupling structure and canvas- scattering lubrication with steady dire and prolonged gear service life. Electric adaptation for bones- cutting phase with the scale showing the date.

Box Stitching Machine : We give an fully suturing machine that's suitable for cardboard, corrugated board, the operation of round or flat twine. This system is supposed to stitch the corrugated boxes. The machine is pushed by way of coil spring clutch. The pulley of the contrivance runs at the haste of 350 rpm so we can suture maximum 350 legs harmonious with twinkles. The machine is fitted with consistence setter to modify the space counting on the board consistence. The corridor are formalized and are inter changeable and made from amalgamation metallic. This machine is fully designed for delicacy and first- class sewing. This machine is available in directly and Angular interpretation.