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Semi Automatic Paper Cutting Machine

Semi Automatic Paper Cutting Machine


"Automatic Paper Cutting Machine Economical Variant"

We have replaced the Existing Semi Automatic Paper Cutting Machine with Our Automatic Paper Cutting Machine Variant. Available in the Same Budget to that of Semi Automatic Paper Cutting Machine, Our Automatic Model is richer in features, Technical Advancement, Safety Systems. Easy to Operate and Maintain.

The new and dynamic growth market of digital printing has also gained in every respect from the company’s undertaking only to produce the best possible machines. In the small and middle format sector, genuine, professional Non Programmable Non Hydraulic cutting machines are available at conditions which are very advantageous, both from a technical and economical point of view. Based on the demand of new features, lacked in existing Semi Automatic Paper Cutting Machine, We have Launched this product.


 This Paper Cutting Machine is furnished with the Auto Clamp framework which no more requires any manual adjustment of the Clamp while utilizing the machine. The Clamp automatically goes up subsequently after cutting paper / Sheets. This model is easy to operate as the switches are provided on the front side of table.

 The auto back Gauge is likewise accessible in this machine. The back Gauge check slides in a square depression, guaranteeing smooth cross cutting. Steel Parts are brilliant chrome nickel plated, guaranteeing looks just as life span. This Paper Cutting Machine is outfitted with the Double Side Gear having Clutch framework as it is having in wheel likewise at the body side, which prevents the chances of machine coming down after cutting and avoid any kind of damages.

Silent Features:
  • Precision Cutting.
  • Motorized Back Gauge with manual mechanism for fine adjustments.
  • Two front Push button control.
  • Photo cell & operational safety devices.
  • Extended side tables for stocks in progress & side plates on rear table.
  • Foot Clamping & Central lubrication.
  • Cross parallel grooves on the knife plate to avoid displacement even under heavy pressure.
  • Lighting on cutting line.
  • Fly wheel & V belts are protected by a metal guard.
  • Locking device is provided on the fast threaded spindle to prevent dislocation of back gauge against pressure of pile.
  • Multi disc clutch transmits positive slip less drive with minimum maintenance.
  • Knife is easily changeable as well as adjustable by eccentric levers.
  • Cross parallel grooves on the knife plate provided to avoid displacement even under heavy pressure.

  • Technical Specification





 Cutting Length

840 mm (33”)

900 mm (37”)

1070 mm (43”)

 Cutting Width

840 mm (33”)

900 mm (37”)

1070 mm (43”)

 Clamp Opening

100 mm (4”)

113 mm (4½”)

125 mm (5”)

 Cuts per Minute (approx)




 Power required

2 H.P.

3 H.P.

3 H.P.

 Power for Motorised Back Gauge

½ H.P.

½ H.P.

½ H.P.

 Machine Dimensions

1650 x 1650 mm
(66” x 66”)

1950 x 1950 mm
(78” x 78”)

2150 x 2150 mm
(86” x 86”)