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Corrugation Machine

Corrugation Machine

We bring about our top magnificence Friends Brand Corrugation Machines. The Complete Corrugation plant consist of number of Machines used for their respective purpose such as Fluting, Sheeting, Pasting, Printing, Punching - Creasing - Cutting - Slotting - Embossing and finally Stitching. We have been Manufacturing the Complete Corrugation Machine Plant since 1965, and based on the Technology enlistment and Industrialization,  we have constantly updated our product from Manual series to Fully Automatic series.

Based on the Technology, Production Capacity and Specialty, Corrugations Machines are available in 4 Variants.

1. Vertical Type Corrugation Machine :
2. Oblique Type Corrugation Machine :
3. Double Profile Corrugation Machine:
4. Finger less Corrugation Machine :


These are the Additional Machines used along with the either of the Corrugation Machines to use it as the complete setup plant.

Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine:

The perfectly constructed & designed to boom manufacturing and exquisite cutting of corrugated board without damaging the flutes of the board further to straightforward paper. As a exquisite alternative to hand Operated Board reducing machine. it is viable to use the device as an independent unit or it could moreover be attached with the corrugating gadget. If required P.I.V gear area is provided to make sure correct slicing of the sheet as in line with required period and clean to alter and perform. delivery Conveyor Stand is furnished to preserve the Sheets. This tool is designed for immoderate production and instantly lowering of sheets or  ply corrugated board with out damaging flutes & liner paper. often, this tool is used as an independent unit for direct and correct sheet cutting.

  • Machine is having special characteristic of oil tub equipment machine with oil lubricating pump
  • Gadget is outfitted with heavy obligation excel makes P.I.V. tools container
  • Imported chain to regulate the duration of the sheet to be cut with gear Ratio 1:5
  • Machine is driven by means of A.C. frequency pressure with provision for synchronization of speed between Sheet Cutter with Corrugating system
  • With A.C. Motor & Starter
  • Feeding segment with concealed gears
  • Cutting phase with Blade attainable at 4 edges
  • Delivery conveyor with infinite Belts
  • Digital sheet counter
  • Paper cutting ability is two hundred ft in step with minute

Technical Specifications:
  • This strongly design machine can be used as an impartial unit or can be synchronized to a corrugation system for direct and accurate sheet reducing
  • It minimizes the percentage of wastage
  • PIV tools container is provided for adjusting of sheet to the specified duration from 20" to 80"
  • PIV tools box 1:5 ratio shall be provided
  • The machine is robust in layout & in grade casting
  • Robust in construction and clean to operate
  • Nylon sandwich belt shall be provided as a shipping conveyor to hold the sheets out
  • Electric automobiles of three section A/C 1440 RPM / 440 V
  • All shifting parts are covered by using protection guards
Sheet Pasting Machine:

The machine is solely designed and manufactured for the pasting of corrugated sheets of different ply. easy in layout, strong in production, smooth to perform and is confident of ideal operating at some point of non-stop operation. The rolls of the machine are easily completed to make sure even affect on the boards after lamination.

The device is used for applying glue at the tip of the corrugated floor and pasting corrugated sheets of various ply and thickness. This machine is understood for its robust production and ability continuously strolling at even excessive speeds.

  • Resistivity to detrimental situations
  • Clean operation
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Excessive tensile energy
  • Sturdiness
Technical Specifications:
  • The system includes three rolls
  • All rolls are grinded, balanced, & hard chromed known as glue pickup roll, pressure roll & health practitioner roll
  • All rolls are installed with ball bearing for clean strolling & longer lifestyles
  • Gum tray is provided to shop the gum built by using H.R / C.R metal Sheet
  • The gum can be launched on the quit of the work through exit factor on the nook of the gum tray
  • The system is surely designed, sturdy in creation and clean to function
  • Platform is supplied in H.R / C.R steel Sheet
  • Electric powered Motor of 3Phase, A/C 1440 RPM / 440V
  • All transferring components are blanketed via safety defend
  • It assures fault less running throughout non-stop operation
Flexo printing machine:

Flexo printing Machine used for printing on simple Kraft paper Print thru photograph Polymer Stereos Registration for correct Printing appropriate for short Print Run Hand Brake to release the Eccentric pressure controlled transfer of Ink. available in option of single color unit, Double coloration Unit and Tripple color unit.

  • Auto stop for safe smash (Sensor Attachments)
  • Helical equipment for smooth walking and long life
  • All rolls are dynamically balanced and tough chrome plated
  • Quick Changeover of plate cylinder to reduce the down time
Technical Specifications:
  • Horizontal: +/-15mm with locking
  • Vertical: +/-l5mm
  • Ahead inching facility (walking)
  • Automobile prevent for safe damage system (Sensor Attachments)
  • Impact rollers and Anilox rollers are dynamically balanced,
  • Floor and tough chrome plated
  • Helical gears for reduced play, easy motion and long life
  • Guide Registration changes
Platen Punching Die Cutting Machine:

We originate our first-class Friends Die Cutting and Creasing Machine it truly is ready with Electro-Magnetic Clutch and Brake for straightforward operations. Manufactured from the most effective excellent uncooked materials, hierarchical factors, this  Die Cutting and creasing Machine is successful and designed for Die-Cutting, Creasing, Punching and Embossing Job on varied product like Paper, Card Board, cardboard, Fiber Board, Vinyl, Foam, Rubber, Leather, Masonite, Cork Sheets, affixed Boxes, Advertising Cut out, Jigsaw Puzzles, Labels and some distance extra.

Additionally to the existing, the Die Cutting and creasing Machine that we offer complies with the set business standards. Our valued shoppers will avail the Platen Die Punching Machine manufacturing unit-made in numerous sizes as per their desires.

  • Totally standardized (i.e. all components square measure inter-changeable)
  • All shafts measure from linear unit Grade steel and pins  measure grounded & bushes from Phosphorus Bronze Alloy.
  • All bearings measure of SKF/NBC/NACHI solely.
  • Fail-safe combination clutch brakes machine with adjustable machine (up to microns).
  • The major driving shaft is ready with units of double helical self-lubricated imported polyamide/metal pinion.
  • Main electric powered panel (operation and manage) are prepared with Detachable Socket System with international standardized additives i.e. Siemens/L&T/Schneider (France) etc.
  • Self diagnostic gadget software with visual indications
  • Main flywheel is locked with check-nut machine.
  • Fully Automatic Centralized Lubrication System is provided.
  • Easy adjustable features of impressions is created through 2 worm gears and eccentric bushes within the cam for left-right and up-down of platen to make the four corners equal.
  • Machine has quite silent running and outlook is great with very best quality paint and powder coated fitting.
  • “Friends” quickest Platen Opening 87” to supply press Operator adequate Time to feed delivering more productivity.
RS4 (Chain Feeding):

FRIENDS SERIES ROTARY SLOTTING MACHINE commonly known as RS4,  is a kind of complete equipment that slotting, slitting, slicing corner, creasing. Its a multi function device with present day features and blessings. its rapid, long lasting and capable to reinforce the production.

  • Semi-automated chain feeding system, facet lay gauge adjust feeding function, make certain feeding appropriately.
  • Planet equipment kind motorize take a look at and opposite adjustment in 360°
  • Guide adjusting four box top cutter synchronous (motorize adjusting is option).
  • All of shaft precision gring, chrome plated.
  • Excessive satisfactory 48CrMo slotting knife with induction hardness.
  • Speed variable motor pressure device, speed is adjustable.
  • Ready with the image-electricity counter, show manufacturing amount.
  • Slotting crease joint movement through hand manage.
Four Bar Rotary Cutting & Creasing Machine:

This machine is every other contribution to the packaging enterprise for trimming and creasing the corrugated board concurrently. The system is easy to operate & sturdy in production. smooth placing is supplied for adjusting, creasing & slicing heads in this machine. degree is supplied for accurate slicing & creasing of sheets. The gadget has strong production and incorporates graded alloy steel knives for smooth reducing. the rate is 300 toes. according to minute and the minimum distance among  dies is three inches.

  • The machine is strong in design
  • It incorporates graded alloy metal knives for lengthy life sharpness and clean slicing
  • The creasing dies are not unusual in three and 5 ply, 7 and nine ply and above
  • The shafts of gadget are set up on heavy obligation bearings for clean going for walks noise loose with graded casting gears and nylon gears
  • Minimum distance between two dies is three inches
  • All moving elements are included by using safety guards
Technical Specification:
  • The most manufacturing capacities of those machines are 5000 devices.
  • Two side gauges are provided for accuracy in slicing and creasing of boards.
  • The speed is three hundred feet. per minute and the minimum distance between two dies is three inches.
  • Depending upon the thickness of the board (3 ply, 5 ply, 7 ply, nine ply), separate creases are to be used.
  • The sheets are piled at the feed table and fed via the device with the aid of hand.
  • This is useful for creasing and reducing concurrently.
  • The machine is with  pairs of shafts.
  • The front pair is with reducing dies & rear pair is with creasing die.
  • 4 sets of cutting Heads & four units of Creasing Head
Eccentric Slooter Machine:

The Eccentric Slotter machine is provided with 4 slotting cutters. The dies are hooked up on an eccentric shaft which causes them to move in an arc in order that the board is slotted in a shearing way. The dies can be moved and slot depth adjusted easily. simple in design, strong in production, smooth to perform and is assured of faultless operating for the duration of continuous operation. This device is used to punch out slots and sewing edge in the corrugated sheets. This operated by hand system is able to slotting wide variety of sheets at a time.

  • The system has 3 slotting & one corner slicing head and gauges are supplied for correct feeding
  • 3 slots and one corner cutting is finished simultaneously at the machine.
  • it's miles to be had in 2, 3 and five HP capacities with 2200, 2800, 3000, 3200 and 3400 of weights.
  • The distance between slotting and nook reducing heads are adjustable with tools rack mechanism provided with the gadget.
  • Two side gauges are supplied for accurate feeding.
  • The top dies move in an arc in order that the board is slotted in a shearing manner.
  • Minimal distance among two dies is 7" corner width is 3.5".
Box Stitching Machine:

We provide an completely stitching machine that is suitable for cardboard, corrugated board, the usage of round or flat twine. This system is supposed to stitch the corrugated boxes. The machine is pushed by way of coil spring clutch. The pulley of the gadget runs at the velocity of 350 rpm so we can sew maximum 350 pins consistent with minutes. The machine is fitted with thickness setter to modify the space relying on the board thickness

The parts are standardized and are inter changeable and made from alloy metallic. This machine is completely designed for accuracy and first-class sewing. This machine is available in directly and Angular version.

  • The pulley of the machine runs at the velocity of 350 rpm so we can stitch maximum 350 pins in step with minutes
  • This system is supposed to sew the corrugated containers
  • The machine is driven by coil spring snatch
  • The machine is geared up with thickness setter to regulate the gap depending at the board thickness
  • The elements are standardized and are inter changeable and fabricated from alloy metal
  • This system is solely designed for accuracy and high-quality stitching
  • This gadget is to be had in straight / Angular / bottom models