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Carton Box Making Machine

Carton Box Making Machine

We bring about our Friends Brand Carton Box Making Machine. The Complete Carton Box Making Machine correspond of number of Sub - Machines used for their separate purpose such as Fluting, Sheeting, Pasting, Printing, Punching-Creasing- Cutting-Slotting-Embossing and eventually Stitching. We've been Manufacturing the Complete Carton Box Making Machine Plant since 1965, and grounded on the Technology enlistment and Industrialization, we've constantly streamlined our product from Manual series to Completely Automatic series too.

What is Corrugation Box?

Corrugated Boxes also known as Packaging / Carton Boxes. These are made from Kraft Paper (Brown Paper). Boxes used in Packaging Industry for the products such as Fruits, Vegetables, Eggs, Beverages, Electronics, FMCG, etc.


Carton Box manufacturing involves following basic process:

  •        Conversion of Kraft Paper Roll to Corrugated Sheet Board.
  •        Conversion of Corrugated Sheet Board to Corrugation Box.


Corrugation Machine : Based on the Technology, Production Capacity and Specialty, Corrugations Machines are available in 4 Variants.

1. Vertical Type Corrugation Machine :

We appear our quality Friends Vertical Type Paper Corrugation Machine, the Traditional Machines which are being used since 1950’s. Heavy design, easy to operate and maintain, the machine is equipped with The Breakers, deposited one above the other. The Product in this type of machine is smallest compared with any other model of corrugation machine. This machine is equipped with option for both manual and  hydraulic Reel stand.

2. Oblique Type Corrugation Machine :

We're counted amongst the arising manufacturers and exporters of oblique type single face paper corrugation machine. The machine is designed with huge motorized roll stand that has a capacity of lifting 2-ton roll at a time. Owing to the flute breakers that are mounted on compartments, it provides smooth functionality and dependable performance. This machine is extensively used for converting paper into 2 bias corrugated roll. This Machine is Faster in Production.

3. Double Profile Corrugation Machine:

Our company has gained immense recognition in this sphere for manufacturing an excellent multifariousness of double profile paper corrugation machine. As the Name Suggest, This machine is used for manufacturing of two different kind of Corrugated flute therefore performing in high rate of product for two ply corrugated wastes or rolls. Manufactured using the stylish quality raw material, this machine is used in colorful diligence for corrugation operations. Machine is equipped with special jack type Hydraulic system to change the flute roll on the machine with just a button.

4. Finger less Corrugation Machine :

In the finger-less corrugation machine the fluted paper is guided by the Suction. Therefore there are no places in the gum applicator roll so the gum applicator roll in nonstop and invariant from one end to another end. The Machine have numerous Advantage As there's no brass appendage in finger-less machine so there's no chance of brass appendage marks on the board. There's fixed flute height and fixed compass so contraction strength of board increase in finger-less corrugation machine. Due to increase in contraction strength of the board BF of board also increase.

These are the Additional Machines used along with the either of the Corrugation Machines to use it as the complete setup plant.

Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine:

The impeccably constructed & designed to boom manufacturing and exquisite cutting of corrugated board without damaging the flutes of the board further to straightforward paper. As a exquisite volition to hand Operated Board reducing machine. it's feasible to use the device as an independent unit or it could also be attached with the corrugating contrivance. If needed P.I.V. gear area is handed to make sure correct slicing of the distance as in line with required period and clean to alter and perform. delivery Conveyor Stand is furnished to save the Wastes. This tool is designed for inordinate product and incontinent lowering of wastes or ply corrugated board with out damaging flutes & liner paper. frequently, this tool is used as an independent unit for direct and correct distance Cuttings.

Sheet Pasting Machine:

The machine is solely designed and manufactured for the pasting of corrugated Sheets of different ply. easy in layout, strong in product, smooth to perform and is confident of ideal operating at some point of non-stop operation. The rolls of the machine are fluently completed to make sure indeed affect on the boards after lamination.The device is used for applying Adhesive at the tip of the corrugated bottom and pasting corrugated sheet of different ply and consistence. This machine is understood for its robust product and capability continuously tromping at indeed inordinate output.

Flexo printing machine:

Fed Flexo Board printing Machine used for printing on simple Kraft paper thru Polymer Rubber Dies. Registration for correct Printing applicable for short Print Run Hand Brake to release the Eccentric pressure controlled transfer of Essay. Available in option of single, Double and Tripple color unit.

Platen Punching Die Cutting Machine:

We originate our first-class Friends Die Cutting and Creasing Machine. it truly is ready with Electro-Magnetic Clutch and Brake for straightforward operations. Manufactured from the most effective excellent raw accoutrements, hierarchical factors, this Die Cutting and furrowing Machine is successful and designed for Die- Cutting, Furrowing, Punching and Embossing Job on varied product like Paper, Card Board, cardboard, Fiber Board, Vinyl, Foam, Rubber, Leather, Masonite, Cork Wastes, fixed Boxes, Advertising Cut out, Jigsaw Mystifications, Markers and some distance extra.Additionally to the being, the Die Cutting and furrowing Machine that we offer complies with the set business norms. Our valued shoppers will mileage the Platen Die Punching Machine manufacturing unit- made in multitudinous sizes as per their solicitations.

RS4 (Chain Feeding):

FRIENDS SERIES ROTARY SLOTTING MACHINE is a Automatic Machine, commonly known as RS4,  is a kind of complete all in one Package for slotting, slitting, Cutting corner, creasing. Its a multi function device with present day features.  its rapid, long lasting and capable to reinforce the production. The Machine is equipped with Semi-automated chain feeding system, facet lay gauge adjust feeding function, make certain feeding appropriately. All the shaft precision Grinding, chrome plated with Speed variable motor device, Ready with the counter system to display units produced.

Four Bar Rotary Cutting & Creasing Machine:

This machine is every other donation to the packaging enterprise for trouncing and furrowing the corrugated board co incidently. The system is easy to operate & sturdy in product. smooth placing is supplied for conforming, furrowing & slicing heads in this machine. degree is supplied for accurate slicing & creasing of wastes. The contrivance has strong product and incorporates canted amalgamation sword shanks for smooth reducing. the rate is 300 toes. according to nanosecond and the minimal distance among dies is three elevation.

Eccentric Slotter Machine:

The Eccentric Slotter machine is handed with 4 slotting knives. The dies are hooked up on an eccentric shaft which causes them to move in an bow in order that the board is slotted in a shearing way. The dies can be moved and niche depth acclimated fluently. simple in design, strong in product, smooth to perform and is assured of faultless operating for the duration of nonstop operation. This device is used to punch out places and sewing edge in the corrugated wastes. This operated by hand system is suitable to slotting wide variety of wastes at a time.

Box Stitching Machine:

We give an fully suturing machine that's suitable for cardboard, corrugated board, the operation of round or flat twine. This system is supposed to sew the corrugated boxes. The machine is pushed by way of coil spring clutch. The pulley of the contrivance runs at the haste of 350 rpm so we can suture maximum 350 legs harmonious with twinkles. The machine is fitted with consistence setter to modify the space counting on the board consistence. The corridor are formalized and are inter changeable and made from amalgamation metallic. This machine is fully designed for delicacy and first- class sewing. This machine is available in directly and Angular interpretation.