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Rotary Slotting Machine (RS4)

Rotary Slotting Machine (RS4)

FRIENDS series Rotary Slotting Machine (RS4) is a kind of comprehensive equipment that slotting, slitting, cutting corner, creasing. Its main feature is feeding single piece cardboard by hand, common bend card board are also OK.


  • Used lead edge feeder with vacuum feeding system, fast and smoothly, (or kick feeder option).
  • Motorized (or PLC) adjust side and front baffl e, manual adjust black buffer (motorized).
  • Planet gear type motorized observe and reverse adjustment in 360°.
  • All of shaft precision grind, chrome plated.
  • Electric adjusting box height (or PLC adjust).
  • Slotting crease joint movement by motorize control (PLC option).
  • High quality 48 CrMo slotting knife with induction hardness.
  • Frequency conversion motor drive, save power.
  • Equipped with the photo electricity counter, display production amount.