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Cold / Plain lamination

Cold / Plain lamination

Cold / Plain lamination: This is very commonly used Machine, where the gum tray is present to hold the bonding agent (gum) dissolved into a liquid (water or a solvent or a solution), is applied to one of the webs. The adhesive coated web is laminated to the other under strong pressure which improves the bond strength of the laminate. It is commonly used to produce a Duplex sheets / paper-aluminum foil laminate that are widely used in flexible packaging.


  • Technical Specification

Size  26″ (660 mm)32″ (810 mm)36″ (915 mm)42″ (1065 mm)
Max. Laminating Width660 mm x any length810 mm x any length915 mm x any length1065 mm x any length
0-600 mt. /Hr.0-550 mt./Hr.0-500 mt./Hr.0-500 mt./Hr.
Max. Film Roll Width660 mm810 mm915 mm1065 mm
Max. Film Roll Diameter305 mm305 mm305 mm305 mm
Power Required 220V D.C. Motor
0.8 KW
1.2 KW
1.5 KW
1.5 KW
Floor Space LxWxH
1600 x 1270 x 1525 mm
1780 x 1425 x 1525 mm
1930 x 1525 x 1525 mm
2085 x 1680 x 1525 mm
Weight Apx.
1000 Kg.
1400 Kg.
1600 Kg.
1800 Kg.