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Leaf / Foil Printing Machine

Leaf / Foil Printing Machine

There is No Need for extra machine for hot foil stamping. You just put this Hot Foil Stamping Attachment on Die Cutting Machine & you are ready for Hot Stamping.

Automatic hand fed hot foil stamping attachment is designed as the new generation product. It is used for automatic stamping roll foil material on the paper box, paper cup, surround-bidding label, card paper pressing convex, couplets, portable paper bag, paper cover, pvc and various plastic material etc used in various sectors such as Foiling on Pharmaceuticals Boxes, Wedding Cards, Sweets and confectionery Boxes, Tags and Labels used in Hosiery and Garment Industries, Etc… 


  • Hot Foil Stamping Machine Attachments: - Attachment of hot foil unit is available with multiple Foil Rollers options (Single Pull / Double Pull / Triple Pull / Four Pull)

  • Heating Plate:-
    (i) Multiple Chambers heating plate having separate compartments with separate circuit on control panel to operate any or all the compartment at the same time. It plays key role in minimizing wastage of electricity.
    (ii) Aluminum Plate is affixed on the Heating plate to provide best quality foil Impression.
    (iii) Heating plate is fitted with digitally displaced machine with thermostatically heaters.

  • Re-winder Unit:-Rewinder units are separate for each foils.

  • Jumpers :- Jumpers are designed with advanced technology to minimize wastage of foils.
  • Technical Specification

Hot Stamping Size

Heated Load

Impressions per hour

15” x 20”

38 x 50 cms

1.5 KW


18” x 24”

45 x 60 cms

2 KW


22” x 32”

55 x 81 cms

2 KW


28” x 40”

71 x 101 cms

2.5 KW