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Window Type Lamination Machine

Window Type Lamination Machine

·        This Special Dual Machine is used for Cold Lamination along with Window Lamination. As the Name Suggest, Any box with a window or open cut out of any shape can be laminated through this Machine only like Garments see through boxes, Sweet Boxes, Dry Fruit Boxes, Fancy Packaging Boxes, etc. This Machine Scrap out the Excess Gum and make a successful see through laminated sheet.


  • Technical Specification
Size26" (660 mm)
32" (810 mm)36" (915 mm)42" (1065 mm)
Max. Laminating Width660 mm x any length810 mm x any length915 mm x any length1065 mm x any length
Speed0-600 mt. /Hr.0-550 mt./Hr.0-500 mt./Hr.
0-500 mt./Hr.
Max. Film Roll Width660 mm810 mm915 mm1065 mm
Max. Film Roll Diameter
305 mm305 mm305 mm305 mm
Power Required 220V D.C. Motor
0.8 KW
1.2 KW1.5 KW1.5 KW
Floor Space LxWxH
1600 x 1270 x 1525 mm
1780 x 1425 x 1525 mm
1930 x 1525 x 1525 mm
2085 x 1680 x 1525 mm
Weight Aprox.
1000 Kg.
1400 Kg.1600 Kg.1800 Kg.