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Lamination Auto Sheeter

Lamination Auto Sheeter

A Special Machine to Automatically Separate the Laminated Rolls obtained from the Lamination machines, into Sheets where input was strictly in sheet form. Machine can be synchronized with Lamination Machine or can be Operated Individually by fitting the roll directly on the reel stand. The Roll is converted into sheet through pressure on gaps between two Sheets and is collected in a tray.

  • Technical Specification

Lamination width  26″ (660 mm)32″ (810 mm)36″ (915 mm)42″ (1065 mm)
Max. Speed/Hour900 Ft900 Ft900 Ft900 Ft
Electric REQ.1.5 HP2 HP2 HP3 HP
Film roll diameter12"12"12"12" 
Roller width26"32"38"44"
Heating Load for hot section3 KW
4 KW
5 KW
6 KW